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London's Max Tundra is such an affable chap. Actually, I've never met the man. But his music just electro-screams affability. There he is, on the stage, with a synth, a microphone to sing into, and probably some other space-aged electronics hidden near his trainers (that's what the British call sneakers! And junior high kids here call them "gym" shoes. Tomato... tom-ah-toe... nike...nike).

Ben Jacobs (that's Tundra's given name) has been playing good-natured machine-pop for a good decade now. His first single was on Warp Records and his last couple albums have been put out by Domino Records. Those labels know their stuff, yeah! Tundra's humble hands create sound mash-ups that jump all over the place, but never fail to bounce merrily.

Sure, it can make your head spin to try and follow these interwoven melodies and rhythms, but it's such a cheerful twirl. Tundra is unlike many scattered electro artists in that regard. Some of those other electro dude's rhythms make you spin so much you ultimately want to bash your head against a wall... and then do it again... anything to make it stop!

I mentioned Tundra sings, but his vocals are really just another sound element to his whole expansive sonic situation. You kind of forget what his voice sounds like even as he's singing. In that regard, you're not going to leave a Max Tundra show humming the songs you just heard (unless you were the best hummer who has ever hummed). His songs are too all over the place to pick out one clear memorable melody. There're like two-dozen melodies going on all at once. Just try to hum along. I dare you.
Published December 11, 2008



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