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Did you ever get into that band Red Sparowes. They are (were?) heavy and sludgy and psych-y and feature(d?) members of Isis, Neurosis, Pleasure Forever and The VSS. You can just click that link to read about them. But let me warn you - you’re not missing much if you never read that OLD band profile. Was still searching for the voice, man. Still am, ma’am.

Anyway, Marriages are a new band that features a couple of (former?) Red Sparowes members. Their names are Emma Ruth Rundle (vocals/guitar) + Greg Burns (bass/synthesizer). Let’s hear it for names! Marriages has got a dark, booming, post-something vibe going on. But the goth-psych vibrations can be pretty too. I think that’s what makes this post-something. It’s only post if it’s sometimes pretty. Thems the rules.

Marriages can be aggro at times. With the riffage and the pummeling and the whatnot*. Marriages can also be serene. With the guitars sometimes gently lingering in space and whatnot*. They can even be both agrro and serene at the same time. After all, contrasting parts need to coexist with each other for either to exist at all, man.

I’ll tell you what. If I ever found my physical body trapped for eternity in a magical floating vortex of some sort (it could happen - my buddy Steve always said you just need to find the right combo key code on your remote control - and Steve don’t really come around no more - coincidence? I think not) this would be great accompaniment for that situation. But now that I think of it, I probably wouldn’t have access to my iPod while I was floating and lost in a bottomless vortex. Well, sheee-itttt. Perhaps this is a moot point then. But what point isn’t, dear Rockness reader. What point isn’t?

As of this writing (June 11, 2053) Marriages are out playing with Deafheaven. You know who rules? Deafheaven. If you like them - you might like Marriages. And if you like Red Sparowes too. They are (were?) one of the best bands that did what they did. Whatever that thing was - I don’t really know. As that old band profile can attest. Don’t go back and read it. Seriously.

(I should probably figure out if Red Sparowes are still together, huh? Please do not tell me my faults. For I already know them.)

*worst fake word of all time

Published June 12, 2013



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