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Magic Key (frmly Aleks & the Drummer)

Chicago's Alex and the Drummer is a duo featuring Aleksandra (Aleks) Tomaszewska on keyboards and her drummer, Deric Criss. Get it? Let me tell you, this is one bizarre band. Their music is a lo-fi electro affair that just gives off an overall creepy vibe. It's minimal, eerie, and often enchanting.

The enchantment especially comes through when Aleks decides to sing over her keys (often in another language... at least it sounds like another language). Her wonderfully strong and warbled voice sounds like the soundtrack to a Grimm's fairy tale. She punctuates one placid song with a blood-curdling scream at its finale. Not sure where that came from. And you should see some of their promo photos. Creepy!

They've recently played with Celebration, Kill Me Tomorrow and Pit Er Pat, and TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek is set to produce their debut EP. I've never heard a band quite like Aleks and the Drummer. Maybe that's why I keep listening.
Published November 8, 2007



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