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M.I.A. w/ Diplo

M.I.A. is getting tons of indie press and I have to wonder if it's because of her music or because she's got an interesting story (she's the daughter of a Sri Lankian rebel) and she's hot. Her latest album, Arular, is rare in that it's played between sets at Northsix AND at those lame meatpacking clubs with the velvet ropes outside. Her varied and wide-ranging audience is somewhat surprising since her music isn't necessarily groundbreaking. She sings and saunters over synthetic electro-beats and, you know, it's fine.

But it's just strange to me that most of my snobby friends are so into her. To me, it just kind of sounds like Nelly "I'm like a bird" Furtado (and I sort of liked that song). The only thing I can think of is pure lust, "I don't like dance music, but I'm in love with her so I just KNOW she has some indie cred." I'm not hatin', I just think it's interesting. It's artists like M.I.A. that make it so hard to describe what "indie rock" is to someone like your parents. It's Hot Snakes, it's The Album Leaf, and it's M.I.A.? Why? I have absolutely no idea...
Published May 26, 2005



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