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Baltimore's Lungfish have been shredding since 1988, the year that saw a nation entranced by that extraordinarily fun tune "Don't Worry Be Happy." They formed the year we just couldn't get enough of that high-on-the-hilarity-alien, ALF. It was the classic year that a cartoon rabbit touched all of our lives as we reveled in trying to figure out who framed him.

Lungfish have been playing sold-out shows since long before our nation was full of fat kids. Before emo meant EMO (Vagrant Records I'm looking in your direction), Dischord's Lungfish were playing their Maryland brand of complex and intense minimalist rock that spawned scores of imitators including Braid and The Promise Ring. Lungfish have a proven formula and they haven't strayed far from it over the course of their lifespan. And why should they? There's no need to fix what's not broken.

See them live and see living legends. But if you don't catch them this time around, don't fret; somehow I think there will be other opportunities in the years to come.
Published September 15, 2004



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