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Chad Cheverier
L.A.'s Local Natives play grand and lush guitar pop with plenty of pretty harmonies. Hmm, that seems like all of the elements you need to be huge, don't you think? What's that? Do they have keys and strings and things, too? Why... yes, they DO have keys and strings and things! Does that convince you of their forthcoming hugeness? Ok, good.

When I listen to these five guys (it's always such a pleasant listen), I sometimes hear a bit of Band of Horses. going on. But, you know, less twang-y. I think it's the harmonies mostly that make my brain go BOH! And sometimes when I listen to Local Natives, I hear a bit of that band, Wild Light. Anyone out there listen to that band?

Anyway, THIS band's jam of the moment is this song "Camera Talk." So if you're interested in checking Local Natives out, start with that nice little ditty. You'll hear their grandness and the lushness and the harmonies and the keys and strings and things all encapsulated in that one three-minute-and- forty-five-seconds song.

And if you like it, get their debut album on Frenchkiss (The Dodos, Passion Pit, The Antlers). If you don't like it, sorry for wasting almost four minutes of your life. What else would you have done? Eat ding-dongs and watch Dr. Zhivago in your underwear? That's what we would have done.
Published December 17, 2009



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