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michael jarecki
Chicago's Light Pollution are a grand band. No, I suddenly didn't turn Irish and start naming all things I really like as "grand." I've always been Irish. Don't worry, trusted adjectives like RULEZ and SWEET HONEY MONSTER JAMS still work for me when describing something pretty brilliant (and not "brilliant" the way the English say it either... sheesh, this profile is already getting extremely confusing).

In this case, what I mean by "grand" is that Light Pollution reaches for the sky and scrapes their knuckles on the domed arena ceiling in which these big melodies and choruses surely could be housed. Their bigness reminds me of another band we recently wrote about, Local Natives. So that's interesting, huh?

Anyway, Light Pollution are probably classified as a rock band. But they throw in a whole bunch of interesting electro synth (maybe even psych?) stuff that keeps the grandness far away from cheesiness (not to be confused with cheekiness... Brits... they so crazy).

And maybe my ears are playing tricks on me, but do I hear a musical saw? Or is that a theramin? Oh hell, maybe it's just a keyboard. Who knows (they know). Anyway, Light Pollution play some grand sweet honey monster jams. And it rulez. A grand band! A grand and brilliant band!
Published March 18, 2010



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