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Let's lo-fi it up once more! London's Let's Wrestle is a sloppy-pop trio that wishes they were in bands like Husker Du, Part Chimp and Neutral Milk Hotel. Or so I cleverly deduced while listening to their cryptic track, "I Wish I Was in Husker Du." With witty lyrics (subjects range from Diana and Camilla to pop-psychology and, well, wrestling) and fuzzy, messy punk-ish riffs (plus the great band name) these guys are a fun listen.

And from the scratchy, muffled sound of it, Let's Wrestle certainly doesn't seem to be investing in the latest recording gear either. But that's cool; there's always been a market for "we-sound-crappy-but-it's-cool-core." Not sure what I mean? Just listen to many of the bands on the fantastic What's Your Rupture? label and you'll get it.

Let's Wrestle's rhythms just kind of amble along like a retired cowboy. Vocalist Wesley Patrick Gonzalez sings as if he's just swallowed a jar of molasses, but his languid style is paired perfectly with the carefree punk that's played. So Let's Wrestle. Loser has to buy better amps.
Published December 10, 2008



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