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Photo By: Sasha Arutyunova

Written by Patrick McNamara

“I think I’m getting better. I think I’m getting closer to my dying day.” So goes the catchy refrain of “Dying Day” - a song on Landlady’s album “Upright Behavior” that makes me feel both cheerful and depressed as hell simultaneously.

And that’s kind of what you’re gonna get with Adam Schatz's solid, theatrical eccentro-pop project, Landlady. Things sound so happy - until you stumble across a line like, “What’s the matter with my girl? She’s not breathing in.” It’s like, wait a minute. I thought we were having a nice time? I don’t want anybody’s girl to die. And that line is from a completely different song than “Dying Day.” Death. Death. Death. Catchy. Catchy. Catchy.

Using a bunch of instruments (guitars, keys, percussive objects of a curious sort, various other strings and things) and a revolving crew of creative collaborators, Landlady make BIG music that is equal parts pop + rock + vaudeville + burlesque + carnival. This isn’t meant for the basement. This is made for the ballroom. But not Mozart’s or Momma’s ballroom. A weird ass ballroom. Where all the party players wear crazy ass masks while waltzing in the melting technicolor light. Pausing only to grab delicious hor d'oeuvres from the rollerskating caterers dressed as weird ass unicorns. God, the service industry can be so demeaning.

Perhaps it's better if you just listened. I'm afraid unicorns are sending you up the wrong gumdrop tree. Here are a couple of songs off that album just mentioned three dynamic paragraphs previously. I have already discussed and dissected “Dying Day” like a boss. So there's no need to create any further original digital content for that. That song is followed by “The Globe” - a super fun sing-a-long toe-tapper about how we’re all headed towards a big ass Black Hole.

Happy. Sad. Oh well. The rub of life.

Published September 17, 2014



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