((Kris Kross)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

These two boyhood co-workers are reuniting. One of them is named Chris with a C. And I think the other one's name is Chris with a C too. But that guy just went by Kross to make it easier for us and the other Chris, probably. And to stave off furious lawsuits from an irate Christopher Cross. (Nah. I kid. That guy never gets mad. He's super chill. Wait. Maybe I'm thinking of Michael McDonald.)

Kris Kross used to wear their clothes backwards. But that's not important now.

While many may have loved their classic exercise and gymnasium hit "Jump" - recorded some twenty years ago (oh fuck me) - many felt their songwriting really hit its peak on "I Missed The Bus" - which you can enjoy below. It's timeless and as true today as it was all those past decades ago.

Waking up in a rush and STILL missing the bus is one of those small, everyday tragedies. As my man Kris, or maybe it's Kross, says, "And now I'm all alone...and the bus is gone."

True. That.

Published January 16, 2013



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