((Julian Lynch)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Julian Lynch is from Ridgewood, NJ. Also from Ridgewood are Ducktails and Real Estate and Fluffy Lumbers. No, no, Titus Andronicus are from Glen Rock! How many times do we have to clarify this?!

Anyway, Julian Lynch play very mellow pop that sounds like a surfer riding slow waves while wrapped head-to-toe in soft gauze. I like to chill to this music, because I like to get loose to calm feedback and layers of moderate distortion. That's just my thing.

Of all those Ridgewood bands (if you're into easy comparisons, which we TOTALLY are), this reminds me the most of Ducktails' vibe, especially when he gets going with those lo-fi lackadaisical loops featuring that wonderful wah-wah.

In a nutshell (if you're into tidy band labels, which we TOTALLY are), Julian Lynch makes music that's just so darn peaceful. Most music like this that's lo-fi and layered and full of slightly strange sounds wouldn't be considered peaceful. Most music like this just sounds slightly stressed out. But Julian Lynch crafts his songs too carefully to be anywhere close to the realm of stressful. Peaceful, I tell you. This is peaceful. Ridgewood. Foreva.
Published June 24, 2010



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