((John Maus)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

John Maus is the insanely talented minimalist experimental composer who will be the first minimalist experimental composer crossover artist. Bet.

Ok, don't bet. Your old regular FM isn't going to be playing John Maus' works anytime soon. But they should if they weren't so lame-o, because Maus' perfectly crafted songs are very accessible (for a minimalist experimental composer, that is).

How would you describe this? Just think a bunch of synths that sound straight from 1986, some sparse drum machines, and some nicely layered vocals that give off a kind of haunting/dreamy vibe. To throw out some other names to compare John Maus to, perhaps think Brian Eno meets Panda Bear meets frequent collaborator Ariel Pink meets... like a David Bowie situation? That's tough.

Yes, it's tough to do straight comparisons because there aren't a whole lot of minimalist experimental composers crossing over to the rock 'n roll masses, now are there? Anyway, check this guy out. You'll be surprised at how listenable he is.
Published June 6, 2011



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