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Joan of Arc's music can be maddeningly infuriating. Sometimes I just want to yell, "Just rock out! You're still young, guys!" But I guess Tim Kinsella's brain works differently than mine. And that's why he's in, like, eight successful bands and I'm just a guy who (still) reads Beckett Baseball Card Monthly.

Of course, it's probably unfair to expect Joan of Arc to rock like Kinsella's old band, Cap'n Jazz. Indie rock lightning rarely strikes twice. So, instead of trying to duplicate CP's emo/punk/angular/spazz/pop sound, Kinsella became a member of and huge contributor to Chicago's absurdly named "post-rock" community (blame or praise Tortoise).

Since forming in 1996, the ever-prolific Joan of Arc have released seven full-length albums while members played simultaneously in other bands like American Football, Ghosts and Vodka, Owls, and Owen. If nothing else, Joan of Arc deserve credit for the sheer volume of their creative output and making inaccessible music accessible.

But I still miss the good old days when Kinsella aired it out over screamed lyrics like "kitty kitty cat, cat in the hat, cats ain't happy" or whatever the hell he was singing. But don't mind me; I have a mint condition 1988 Chris Sabo rookie card to appraise.

Published August 24, 2004



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