((James Blake)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

London's James Blake (not to be confused with James "The Ferocious Forehand from Fairfield" Blake) is a singer/producer that makes some super sweet soulful electro. Oh hell, let's just call this what it is; Alt 'n B. Alt 'n B like this can be cool sometimes, even (or especially?) when it veers from glitchy-clicky into Peabo Bryson (or is it Aaron Neville?) territory.

Blake's well crafted jams rock all slow and syrupy. Plus, they're all sexy and stuff. So if you're expecting that big time club beats kind of electro, you're probably going to be pretty disappointed when you listen to this.

If you're expecting smooth songs that take their time to seduce your senses, you'll be into it for sure. You see, Blake is more inspired by Joni Mitchell than, say, LCD Soundsystem. Just throwing that out there so you are warned.

Blake's live shows don't feature any laptops, only "real" honest-to-god instruments, which is as nice in electro as it is rare.

Anyway, enough about this Alt 'n B. Let's talk about what's next for the other James Blake, now that his career seems to have taken a downswing. I'm thinking broadcasting.
Published January 13, 2011



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