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Written by Patrick McNamara

Charlotte’s It Looks Sad (named shortened from the original It Looks Sad, That’s Why I Said It’s You - good call, guys) is comprised of four gentleman (Jimmy and Josh on guitars/vocals! Justin on bass! Alex on drums!) who play gentle post-indiepop* jingle-jangle that shimmers like a setting summer.

The cabin by the lake was great. But it’s almost over now. So let’s hold on for a few more idyllic days and nights and sunsets in between. And then let’s let it all go. Because Mono No Aware. The pathos of things. We're all gonna die. It Looks Sad.

The very fine upstart record label Tiny Engines (Somos + The Hotelier + Cayetana + Save Ends + lots more good bands I haven’t written about yet but I will so help me god someday I will) is releasing It Looks Sad’s first 7” this summer (btw, all you Rockness readers from the future, the current year is 2014 - and it’s not as awesome as you remember it to be - it’s better). Because that label also knows It Looks Sad make songs meant for summer. Or, maybe that’s just how it worked out with their release schedule. But I prefer to give Tiny Engines the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Below are two songs you can stream from that 7”. Neither sound like Beach Fossils. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

(*and yes perhaps there is no such thing as post-indiepop - but it sounded right at the time - and you’re free to get your own music blob)

Published June 3, 2014



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