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Written by Patrick McNamara

Infinity Girl is a post____ shoegaze band from Brooklyn (by way of Boston). If you like swirly distortion played loudly (and prettily) over super chill vocals then this just might be the new band for you, man.

Since forming in the year they formed (2012 A.D. maybe not sure I'll have my team of DIY music blob research assistants get on this ASAP) Infinity Girl has played a bunch of good shows with a bunch of good bands, including Dead Stars, Dirty Dishes, Haybaby, Jawbreaker Reunion, Pinegrove and I'm gonna stop it there as I can't be listing the names of good bands all day I've got a music blob to run.

The band has already served up some solid sound offerings which you enjoy listening to here and here.

But maybe it's best if you start with Infinity Girl's most recent album, “Harm." It's goodness comes via the always excellent label, Topshelf Records (home to: Braid, CLIQUE, Del Paxton, Donovon Wolfington, Field Mouse, Nai Harvest, Happy Diving, TWIABP, Sorority Noise, Solids, toe, Wildhoney and those are just the bands I wrote nice things about recently that's why their names are linked like that feel free to read all about their goodness too but please wait until we're done discussing Infinity Girl) and if you like the solid swirls you're going to learn to love it.

You may now stream it in full.

Oh, and turn it up, please.

Works best if you blast it.

Published May 4, 2016



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