((Indians)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Indians is one dude. His name is Soren and I don't know his last name but I know he's from Copenhagen. That's in Denmark. Not in India. Or Indiana, even. Don't believe me? Look it up. Check my work. Boom. Told you.

As Indians, Soren makes pretty and dreamy bedroom synth-ish pop (not to be confused with synth-y pop... two VERY different made-up genre adverbs) that twinkles and sparkles and sets you adrift on softly melodic bliss. This kind of reminds me of Sufjan Stevens at his least twee (no hand claps or costumes or props involved... I don't think).

Maybe it's just because both Soren and Sufjan have good voices. That could be it. No, actually I think it's that both are solid songwriters. Yes, that's definitely it. Unless, of course, it's just because both names start with 'S' and it triggers a subconscious urge to link the two for categorical purposes but let's move on.

Indians' music certainly comes at you with a glow. You know that glow I mean. So if you want to feel all good and glow-y (not to be confused with glow-bro... that's a totally different sitch involving frat bros who listen to chillwave), this Soren fellow might be the new fellow for you. I like pretty music sometimes.

Published April 25, 2012



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