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Brooklyn’s Imperial Topaz is Caroline Teagle + Zachary Zierden and they like synthesizers. On their Facebook page, they say they make “new age ambient pop.” But who cares what the creators say their creation is. Like they would even know! Everyone knows outside observers are much better judges of this kind of important thing! LET US DO OUR JOB AND YOU DO YOURS.

But moving on, Imperial Topaz makes new age ambient pop (and you heard that here SECOND). It’s really good too! Their songs often have this slow synth pulse with beats that slowly creeps you closer and closer to something. Is that something sinister or sublime? Who lurks and hovers near the climax of this song? Demon or Angel? It’s hard to say. But it’s worth the 4+ minute wait to find out IF YOU DARE MWAH-HAW-HAW-HAW. (Is that how you phonetically spell ‘maniacal guy?’ I don’t know, dear Rockness reader, and oh yeah spoiler alert: it’s an angel - an angel waits at the end of an Imperial Topaz song).

Imperial Topaz recently played with both Small Black and Heavenly Beat. More shows like that please. There’s no need to spread the goodness around various venues. Just keep it all in one place. Like that.

You're going to like the way this vibes. I guarantee* it.

(*guarantee not a guarantee - who knows, you could be some kind of monster - in which case MWAH-HAW-HAW-HAW!!!!)

Published March 28, 2013



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