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Written by Patrick McNamara

Montreal (via Gothenburg, Sweden) duo Holy Family are a new band comprised of young and supremely talented lads Anton Ekman + Viktor Hansson. These two dudes play pretty and exquisitely crafted pop that’s like nostalgia wrapped in the arms of melancholy doing a most delicate dance of emotional contentment and unrest. The melodies often go wistful and the lyrics come soaked in ennui. But fret not. The uplifting synths won’t let anything get too sad around here. This is pop, after all. We’re not all dead just yet.

Comparisons have been made to early TV On The Radio to middle era Animal Collective to post Arcade Fire (the good shit they haven’t quite written yet). Maybe even MGMT meets Band of Horses meets Fleet Foxes meets My Morning Jacket meets Local Natives meets The Shins too. Because if we’re going to compare Holy Family to every popular alt pop band of the ‘00s we might as well just go for it. There are no half measures here at Whoa My Blobness.

I can easily see these two becoming one of the biggest bands on the Intra Indie Web. They got the sound down. I can also see them quietly fading away. Not because of anything they have done or left undone. We have listed over 40,000 bands on the site over the past ten years we’ve been doing the blob. Sometimes talent is not enough. Most of the time it’s luck. Good thing art isn’t a results-driven business.

Holy Family should continue to write solid pop songs like these and keep betting on the muse. If world alt pop domination comes as a result... so be it. They got as good a shot as any. After all, we are all just dust in the wind.

So be excellent to each other.

And party on, dudes.

Published August 18, 2014



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