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His Electro Blue Voice

These three are loud. And His Electro Blue Voice might be the first band from Italy I’ve ever written about. I can’t even name another band from Italy - now or in the past. I’m sure there’s a famous one I’m just not thinking of. I guess I could go research this and then rewrite this band profile based upon the facts that I find, but that would take the spontaneity out of things. And without spontaneity what do we have, dear Rockness reader? What. Do. We. Have.

First things first, guys. Before we go any further. Let’s just assume His Electro Blue Voice is a really cool band name in Italian and things just got lost in the translation, ok? So moving on from that, this psych-sludge-brutal-post-something band brings out the hits - the heavy hits. Their hits are so heavy that Sub Pop is putting out their debut full-length in August. (This album is called “Ruthless Sperm.” Let’s just assume “Ruthless Sperm” sounds cool in Italian.)

But if you live in the present and not the future and can’t wait for that full-length to come out (I’m sure this exceptionally informative and well-written band profile has you sprinting to listen to them), they’ve also put out some stuff on Sacred Bones (The Men + Cult of Youth + Zola Jesus + Trust + lots more goodness) that’s nice and easy to find. Or, you could just stream them right now.

Speaking of that, below is a good His Electro Blue Voice (just researched the Italian translation - II suo Electro Blu Voice - and I wish I hadn’t) song that was one of the best from the recent Sub Pop 1000 compilation. Go ahead. Stream it. And let me know your thoughts later. Right now, my attention turns to this comprehensive list of famous bands from Italy. I can’t believe I forgot about Alessandro Scarlatti and Alessandro Poglietti! Man! Those guys slayed the Baroque style like nobody’s business.

(“Ruthless Sperm” Italian translation = “Sperm Ruthless”)

Published July 9, 2013



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