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Written by Patrick McNamara

Let’s hear it for those famous Pacific Northwest rays! Seattle’s Hibou is one guy (live, it’s four guys). That guy’s name is Peter Michel. He’s 19 years young and was once the drummer in Craft Spells. Do you know Craft Spells? They are a good band. But we’re veering off topic and anyway I already wrote about you, Craft Spells. So stop trying to sabotage everything all the time.

Hibou makes blissfully sunny homemade sounds that you’ve probably heard before. Consider this something like a Wild Nothing meets Beach Fossils meets one of those inflatable pool rafts that has a nice big drink holder built into the plastic. Ahhhh. Love those things.

If I were to tell you that Hibou put out stuff for Captured Tracks, you’d be like “that’s the second least surprising thing I’ve heard all day.” (the first least surprising thing you heard today was when your one roommate told you that your other roommate didn’t fill the empty Brita back up... again... it’s like, that’s SOOOO Kevin.)

Just to be clear. Hibou isn’t on Captured Tracks. We’re just slinging pretend scenarios together. You know how we do. Me and You. He’s not on any label, actually (as of now - but this blob profile could change everything???).

You should listen to Hibou’s self-released “Dunes” EP. Because it’s good. And by good, I mean I enjoy the sounds that come out from my speakers. Hey. I’ll tell you what. Rather than just write more awkward lines, I’ll post that streamable EP right below these words.

It’s just better to listen rather than read sometimes. One of these times would be when driving. And other times it’s pretty much impossible to do either. Like when you’re swimming at the beach. Electrocution and soggy pages are no picnic for anyone. That’s why I stick with my inflatable raft with a built-in drink holder. I can do whatever the hell I want on that thing. And right now, all I want to do is listen to Hibou.

Published September 3, 2013



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