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Hercules and Love Affair

Hercules and Love Affair is the dance (and I do mean dance, not dance-punk, dance-clash, etc...) project of NYC DJ dude Andrew Butler and some of his talented singer friends. Butler's most notable friend and in Hercules is Antony Hegarty (sans his Johnsons).

If you've happened to hit the clubs recently and heard the band's soon-to-be-massive hit "Blind" (sung by Antony), you probably thought it was either the Johnsons going all Abba, or you just chalked it up to Cher's latest reinvention of herself. And I bet you liked it, maybe even a little bit in spite of yourself.

Hercules and Love Affair is just one big disco party, pure and simple. It is music that allows for your "inhibitions" to peel away just like the layers of your sweaty satin suit. Hercules and Love Affair's domestic debut is coming out on DFA Records (oh, you know who's on DFA) and will be played everywhere hips sway and overpriced vodka and Red Bull is served.
Published April 24, 2008



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