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Hella drummer Zach Hill always reminds me of Animal from The Muppets. They both attack the skins in the same way, which is to say an all out uncontrollable fury that borders on cartoonish. But it is Hill's pure talent that makes Hella more than just a freak-out band. Of course, Spencer Seim (the other half of this duo) is no slouch as a guitarist/programmer. It's his warbled sense of melody, not to mention his remarkable ability to keep pace with Hill, that is the diesel fuel that makes this band go bonkers.

But back to Hill. His spazz-attacks will leave your jaw agape and your gyrating body thinking he's the best drummer you've ever seen. Hill is Don Caballero's Damon Che gone double-time. This band is fast, fast, fast and their symphonic compositions of discord are like John Cage on a few bottles of Ritalin. It's hard to imagine Zach ever being able to play without Spencer and Spencer ever being able to play without Zach. These guys are a team. They play on instinct with a sense of improvisational immediacy. And it's crazy shit.
Published April 6, 2005



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