((Gunnar Bjerk)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

How sweet of a name is Gunnar Bjerk? And this Brooklyn guy lives up to the sweetness of his moniker by pumping out some big time one-man electro pop jams. So big time are his jams that he just got signed to DFA Records (where he was a one-time studio engineer).

Bjerk's beats and seductive synths and laid-back tenor all work together to produce something that's danceable-y chill. Though there are plenty of BOOMS going on with these tracks, Bjerk's jams are too smooth to be categorized as straight-up club thumpers. These jams are more like "awwww yeah." You know what I'm saying, yeah?

So think less booming than label mates LCD Soundsystem (RIP) and a little more booming than, say, Grizzly Bear. Does that make sense? If it doesn't, sorry! I'm trying here.

You're better off just seeing this guy pump out the super solid electro from the stage somewhere. You're not going to love this music because of what you read. You're gonna love this music because of what it does to your body. Gunnar Bjerk; sweet name... even sweeter big time electro dance JAMZ. Yeah!!!!!
Published May 12, 2011



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