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Written by Patrick McNamara

This is a very strange band to put in a box and nail down and pigeonhole for the rest of their dark, claustrophobic days. So let's not do that. Let's let GUNK live, breathe, and soar, goddamn it.

GUNK are three guys (Dan! Josh! Nate!) from Philadelphia who make slightly sludge-y punk that pops. You’ve probably never heard it quite like this before. This might be the future. But if we must visit the past (hint: we don’t) - think ‘90s lo-fi eccentro-pop (let’s say The Folk Implosion) meets, uh, that band Porches I just wrote about. Because I can't figure that band out either. And that's when you know you're approaching the goodness.

This is a muddied and rather spirited affair. GUNK’s jams aren't glossy. Nobody’s going to accuse these punks of sounding bright and clean up in this mug. This is messy. But through all the dirt and dissonance and murky swirls, I hear those melodies shining through. I hear ‘em, man. And that, my friend, is where the pops comes in.

I’m going to do you the kind favor of posting GUNK’s debut full-length album. It’s called “Gradual Shove” and that’s a great name for a record. Go ahead and listen to it. But try to delay making a value judgement on it as long as you possible can. Hold out, dear Rockness reader. Hold out for the pops. When you're listening to the future these things take our time and energies.

(You might want to even start at the last song, “Terrified,” and work your way up as this seems to be the most immediately accessible jam - but you listen the way you wanna listen - you do you - it’s your journey, man - I’m just the dude with the boat waiting to take you across the river whenever you’re ready.)

In summation, though GUNK often make music that sounds bat shit crazy, it’s also pretty clear these songs were created by dudes who are enjoying doing what they do. And remember the golden rule, bands. If YOU have fun - WE have fun.

I hear those pops. Oh yes I do.

Published April 2, 2014



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