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Written by Patrick McNamara

Gulfer are an uplifting band from Montreal featuring four dudes (David + Steven + Simon + Vincent - in no particular order - please don’t read too much into this - Vincent is just as important as David as Simon is Steven and vice versa - forever and ever - amen) who want to math-rock the PUNK out for you and ONLY you. And you’re going to not only LET them math-rock punk out for you... you’re going to LOVE them…. if you love math-rock (and punk)(and fuck it, let’s throw pop in there too). If you don’t love math-rock and punk and pop, well, that’s fine, but I guess I don’t always 100% get you. But it’s cool. You do you. One. World. One Love. Imagine. Hope.

As with any good math-rock punk pop band (I have no idea if math-rock is in fact hyphenated but I’m filing it under Who Gives a Shit), Gulfer’s rhythms go all over the goddamn place (so good) and have plenty of pretty, twinkle-y, noodle-y guitar melodies that reach for the stars when they’re not erupting in crunchy punk flames of noisy glory. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention their deliriously joyful sing-song choruses. Is sing-song even hyphenated? Who Gives a Shit.

If you’re looking for some similar sounding band comparisons in order to help you decide if Gulfer is worth a free stream (rather than just trust this dumb music blob), think of this band as being ___________ meets _________________ meets _______________ meets Prince. Then un-think all that, reverse it, do the vice versa, and now you've got it, old boy.

The band has released several offerings since 2012 and all are available for your perusal on the World Wide Intrasphere. Do that on your own time though. For our purposes here today, I have happily provided the newest Gulfer song for you to blast. It maths. It punks. It pops. It’s a good song. And there’s more where that came from, man.

Fuck it. I know I said I was only going to post one song (aka "cut" to Music Industry Insiders) but I can’t stop won’t stop. Here are some more good Gulfer songs to be streamed, then filed away in any folder you choose... so long as it’s not Who Gives A Shit.

Published February 23, 2015



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