((Gross Relations)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Gross Relations is a new band from Brooklyn that is, indeed, pretty sick. These four dudes rock the lo-fi guitar/bass/distorted vocals thing. You know that thing I mean; the music sounds all fuzzy and messy and, well, lo-fi!

But Gross Relations also rock some surprisingly happy sounding keys over all the controlled melodic clutter. And those keys are key indeed. Those keys bring the POP out and make things sound more interesting. Gosh, pop rules, doesn't it?

Anyway, this band's big time jams all sound pretty blown out. But that's "blown out" in the good way (not "blown out" in the puffy-jowls-from-consuming-mass-quantities-of-Four-Loko sort of way). Blown out can rule. Sometimes it is fun to listen to songs that sound like your speakers just crapped out on you. That's rock 'n roll, bro!

So who to compare Gross Relations to? Hell if I know. But maybe Blank Dogs meets Beat Happening. Or maybe they're just like Blink-183 on kratom. But how about you listen to them and you tell me who you're hearing. I bet you tap your toes as you do.
Published June 16, 2010



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