((Gross Magic)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Just another Magic band, I know. Magic Man. Young Magic. Computer Magic. White Magic. Mathemagic. Magic Kids. Magic Numbers. And those are just the bands we've written about.

There are a lot of Magic bands out there. But how many Magic bands out there sound a LOT like Electric Light Orchestra? Huh? You tell me that, bub. HOW MANY MAGIC BANDS SOUNDS LIKE ELO?! One. One Magic band does. And that Magic band is Gross Magic.

And even better, Gross Magic technically isn't even a band! Fooled you! Gross Magic's songs are written and recorded by just one guy! His name is Sam McGarrigle. He's from Brighton. So there.

Gross Magic has a new EP out called "Teen Jamz." What?! We thought we were the only ones who zubztituted our "Ss" for "Zs." Oh well, I guess no one is as original as they think they are... including Oh My Rockness.

Anyway, I think you're going to like Gross Magic's jamz. Their pop goes all "eccentrically epic" and stuff. What does "eccentrically epic" even mean? It means Electric Light Orchestra, bub. What do YOU EVEN MEAN!?!?

Published August 11, 2011



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