((Greatest Hits)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Brooklyn's Greatest Hits are an electro dance duo that makes wacky jams. You know wacky jams, right? Wacky jams are dance jams that are too interesting (i.e. wacky) for the big time dance clubs. The big time dance clubs pump out only those beats that go like this, "Boom. Tsss. Boom. Tsss." That's not a wacky jam.

Wacky jams have beats that often go like this, "Boom. Boom. Weeeeee! Sha-boom crash WHIRRRRL boom YIPPPPPPP!" Etcetera and etcetera. Therefore, wacky jams are usually only heard by those young (mostly) urban folks who like to explore new beat and synth options in non-big time club settings like... maybe a parking lot? Or an abandoned car parts place? Or a bait and tackle store? That's the thing about wacky jams. You never know where they're going to turn up.

You know who else makes wacky jams besides Greatest Hits? Javelin makes wacky jams. Javelin knows that wacky jams rule too. I recommend seeing Greatest Hits play if you like wacky jams. Sometimes wacky jams go like this, "Snap. Boom! Pah-CHINNNNNNG! Bam! CH-CH-BRRRRRRRRLINGGGGG!"
Published September 30, 2010



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