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Erich Luedtke
Atlanta's Gold-Bears are a four-piece that plays super catchy (and super fuzzy) ramshackle (whatever that means) indie-pop that really tries to make you happy to be alive (whether or not they succeed in making you happy to be alive is more up to you and your issues).

Gold-Bears' snappy guitar pop with plenty of jangle has been compared to bands such as The Wedding Present (the jingle) and The Pains (the cheery distortion) and Boy Racer (I don't know, I just kinda work here). And I compare them to Superchunk (because they sound like Superchunk).

There's really no way a reasonable person would not like Gold-Bears. So if you stand to the left on crowded escalators, and text while walking through crosswalks, and eat fast food on trains, and never use your turn signal, and start a deli order by saying "I need" rather than "Can I have" (or better yet "May I please have?") you will NOT like Gold-Bears... because you are not a reasonable person.

For the rest of you normal people, perhaps you've found the next pop band to cuddle and love and hug and swaddle. Get it, Gold-Bears. You go out and GET IT!
Published May 5, 2011



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