((Givers)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Lafayette, Louisiana's Givers are a band that plays that precious type of big pop. It's kind of happy and twee and vast and super melodic, and it just seems like everyone in the band is having such a really good time playing these songs. Givers also seem to cull their sonic influences from lands along the route of a Carnival cruise ship.

Seriously, why aren't I drinking milk directly from a coconut right now and trying not to be annoyed by all the tiny grains of sand in between my toes? That's how Givers music makes me feel.

It makes total sense that they are currently (as of September 2010) on tour with Ra Ra Riot. Ra Ra Riot plays precious pop like this too. If you want toe-tapping rock that's seemingly about benevolence and is sticky sweet, Givers is the band for you.

On Givers' MySpace page, their profile says "To experience (Givers music) is to be changed forever, for the better; to know that you yourself have more to Give." Wow, what a ballsy statement to put on your profile about your pop music. The only change Givers inspires in me is to change into my swimsuit.
Published October 06, 2010



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