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Sandy Kim

San Francisco's Girls sure are going to be big (Man, why do I always have to date myself like that! By the time you read this, the two dudes in Girls probably will have already scored an exclusive Vitamin Water flavor and will have just finished sticking their shoes in the cement at Mann's Chinese Theater and you'll be all like, "You've officially lost touch, Suckness"). Ok, Girls may be not that kind of huge, but they'll definitely be big fish/small pond huge.

Anyway, I've wanted to write about these guys (Girls) for a long time, but I never knew what to say. This is a band whose sound doesn't easily fit within a 150 character word limit. You see, sometimes they sound kind of, like, lo-fi (early Beck?), but not really. But then they sound sort of, like, pop straight from a '50s sock hop (The Ramones?), but not really. Sometimes they sound like a warm ray of sunshine (The Beach Boys?), but not really. Sometimes they just sound sort of stoned-out (like, well, LOTS), but not really.

None of these comparisons really nail Girls. And since they have a little bit of everything in them, a little bit of everyone will be into these two dudes. See? That's why they'll be huge. (In the time it took you to read this profile, Girls will already have been fired from Celebrity Apprentice, will have smashed a set on one of those VH1 "looking back" shows, and will have risen from their own ashes like the eternal Phoenix and returned for a triumphant fifty-date arena tour featuring a giant Lemon and background dancers dressed as pandas.)

Published August 20, 2009



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