((Georgie James)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Georgie James is a DC duo featuring Laura Burhenn and John Davis. You may know Davis as the drummer for that fine art-punk band Q and Not U that released a bunch of great records on Dischord before disbanding a couple years ago.

But don't let Davis' background fool you into thinking you know what Georgie James is going to sound like before you even listen. This is not punk. Rather, the duo creates romantic pop melodies that breeze along as easy as a hammock in a Corona commercial. Sure sometimes their songs do rock out a little, but it's more in a tap-your-toes sort of way.

All the pretty piano parts come courtesy of Burhenn. Everything else (bass/drums/guitar) are Davis' duties. They both trade off vocals regularly, so it's a good thing for us that they both can harmonize admirably (Burhenn's breathlessness can sounds like Chan Marshall at times). Georgie James' debut is due out on Saddle Creek (Bright Eyes, Two Gallants) in the fall of '08.
Published September 6, 2007



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