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Friends is a band of five based in Bushwick (that's in Brooklyn for the 99% of the population that doesn't think the borough is the center of the universe) that was started not too long ago by primary singer/songwriter Samantha Urbani (whose voice once received a Mariah Carey comparison?) and Lesley Hann. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They're friends.

Anyway, the hype machine is off and chugging for Friends. But that's what happens when you throw down some seriously catchy beats and synths like this. As we all know, trains love beats and synths... it helps pass the time as they transport all that coal and cement and stuff.

People frequently compare Friends' sound to ESG. Did ESG invent beats? I wasn't aware of that. Better check Wikipedia. Friends also rock a similar sparkling sunshine-y vibe to that of Body Language, another recent Rockness favorite.

But comparisons can go out the window now. What you need to know is that Friends is dance-y and poppy and disco-y and a little post-punk-y. And their songs come with an aura of overall brightness. Goth, this is not.

So I guess this is all to say that Friends is a pretty damn good party band. A party band for happy ALTS, that is. Bushwick has a good scene these days, doesn't it? Oh. Sorry. Bushwick is a neighborhood in Brooklyn... which is a borough in New York City... which is this town on the East Coast.

Friends - I'm His Girl by LuckyNumberMusic
Published October 27, 2011



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