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Friendly Fires are a punk-electro-disco-pop trio (their live show often features four) from the U.K. that represents the perfect late-night party band. They've got those choppy post-something guitars (played only when they aren't pounding their synths, that is), an exceptionally tight drummer that knows he's got the skills to pay the bills, and a dynamic showman in singer Ed MacFarlane. The guy knows how to keep the crowd caring, and I think he might secretly think he's Prince.

Friendly Fires' first full-length comes out on the excellent XL Recordings (Vampire Weekend, Ratatat) in September of '08 here in the States. And after that album is released and more people know about this band, look out, because you're looking at sold-out.

So see them now to avoid those always awesome advance ticket service fees. If your ears want proof before you see with your eyes, start with Friendly Fires song "Paris" so your nose knows what a hit smells like. Think Duran Duran meets The Rapture (cowbells, man) meets New Order.
Published July 31, 2008



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