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French Films is a band that sounds A LOT like The Drums. I mean, a LOT. The twinkling melodies, the thumping bass lines, the dance-y synths, the singer's swagger, the guitars that sound like waves. It's all there.

And I'm not sure what that really means, since The Drums sound a LOT like many of those synth-y pop bands from the '80s. So maybe this is one of those 'picture of a guy holding a cereal box that has a picture of him holding a cereal box that has a picture of him holding a cereal box that has...' well, you get it).

If you think about it too much, it'll blow your mind apart. So don't think too much. As long as you're cool with bands sounding like other bands (and if you're not cool with that, good luck listening to the four bands in the world who don't sound like anyone else), there's no reason why you shouldn't like French Films.

They're catchy as all get-up (so catchy we just wrote "get-up") and are instantly accessible and completely likeable. In other words, "They're SO funnnn!"

Oh, and wait a minute... I just found out this band isn't even French! They're Finnish! WTF! I don't mind bands sounding like other bands, but when you misrepresent the country of your birth it is ON mofos.
Published August 25, 2011



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