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I swear I have written a profile on France’s Fred Falke before. I’m almost 100% positive. Probably 98.7% positive. But when I look to see if I have written a profile on him - it’s nowhere to be found. POOF. GONE. ERASED....FROM EXISTENCE. So either someone has hacked our database and deleted the Fred Falke profile (a very specific PWN), or I’m just losing my mind. Perhaps this isn’t an either/or scenario.

But nevertheless, I’ve been a fan of Fred Falke for a long time and perhaps you might be one too. He’s one of those DJ/producer dance guys whose jams go BIG TIME. His original dance songs are good. But his dance remixes are better. He’s done a million of them. For bands like...well...I’m not going to list out a million bands. That would be insane. And whoa, I’m also feeling major deja vu here. Because I wrote these very words before. Perhaps years ago. But I wrote them. I just know it.

Anyway, if you haven’t given old Freddy boy a spin (or a stream) it’s never too late to get into something good - even if he’s been doing it since 2 to the Triple Zeros. Start with this remix of Ricki Lee he did. Go ahead. I’ve conveniently embedded for you below (and it was hard to find too - either copyright issues or someone just doesn’t want you to have a good time). I’ve been blasting “Do It Like That” for a long time. And I still don’t know what “that” is or who Ricki Lee is. I guess I could look her up. But, nah. That would just complicate things.

Finally, if you have hacked our database - please don’t do that. And please put Fred Falke back. And if you haven’t hacked our database, well, I just don’t know what else to say other than the mind is feeble at times....the mind is surely feeble....at times.

Ricki Lee - Do It Like That (Fred Falke Club... by HolisticBrian
Published June 4, 2013



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