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I heard Franz Ferdinand front man Alex Kapranos got in a fight with Eminem's bodyguard and took him to the rack.

Man, just when I thought these guys couldn't get any cooler they step it up yet another notch. First they borrow a Phil Collins riff for their hit song "Take Me Out," then they take on an overrated rapper's muscleman.

I don't know what kind of water they drink in Scotland, but that country is on a crazy roll for producing great bands. The latest to represent our lovable friends to the northeast is Franz Ferdinand. This band conquers the stigma that comes with "hype" by being really, really good.

Their rough dueling guitars thrash about to create perfectly danceable hooks with a pummeling rhythm attack. Reminiscent of legendary punk luminaries such as Wire and Gang of Four and armed with a new take on the New York sound of the moment, Franz Ferdinand will knock your block off. Just like Eminem's poor sap of a bodyguard.
Published February 02, 2005



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