((Fort Romeau)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

London's Fort Romeau is the lo-fi dance band of Mike Norris, who's in that electro-pop band La Roux. These are house heavy, minimalistic synth grooves with a delicate soulful ambience that gets you on the right path for your epic night (provided you ultimately want your night to end up somewhere sweaty).

This isn't necessarily the kind of dance music that's going to make you want to RAGE at the CLUB while waving NEON and sucking a PACIFIER (isn't that what they do at the clubs?). No, Fort Romeau is more like the pre-party sounds you'll want to blast when you're chilling out and getting mentally ready to RAGE. You know what I'm saying?

Fort Romeau is like the evening's first cocktail. And as everyone knows, the first is most often the best.

If you like Fort Romeau's beats, you should also check out another one of our recent favorites, Keyboard Kid. Be safe out there, kids. And remember to pace yourself... Fort Romeau can help with that.

Published March 08, 2012



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