((Fol Chen)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

L.A.'s Fol Chen plays eccentric art-y electro soul-pop that goes all over the place. It's... enigmatic. This band has some sort of connection to Liars (the singer "Samuel Bing" sometimes plays with that band) and after listening/seeing Fol Chen, maybe you'll think they do a more accessible Liars kind of thing (i.e. they don't go to scary goth-land). But Fol Chen is not more accessible by much.

There are a bunch of other members in this band besides leader "Samuel Bing," but I don't know anything about them because, you see, Fol Chen is another one of those mysterious bands. They shroud their faces and conceal their identities in a cloak of scattered synth-core. Oh, but I do know that "Samuel Bing" is a guy named Adam Goldman. So they don't conceal that hard.

Fol Chen has recently done tours with Liars, Baths and !!!, and they've got an album out on Asthmatic Kitty. You know... maybe Fol Chen is kind of like Liars meets Dirty Projectors? I hear some DP in this.
Published September 23, 2010



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