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Written by Patrick McNamara

Flasher is a broody post ____ band from Washington D.C.

Are they good? Yes, they are good!

Let's keep talking!

Think exposed angular guitars. Think tense* synths swirling with subtle menace. Think clandestine bass lines. Then stop thinking. This ain't no library. This is the punk rock!

The Players:

Taylor Mulitz (Priests, Young Trynas)

Emma Baker (Big Hush, Young Trynas)

Daniel Saperstein (Bless)

The band is still pretty new (I'll have my dedicated team of DIY music blob researchers dig deep for their exact “born on" date ASAP) but they've already played some big time shows, including one recently with Jeff the Brotherhood (please note: they're a good band too - you heard it here fourteenth).

I'm pretty sure they'll be playing some more shows in the very near future too so consider this your explicit instructions to go see them when they do if you're the type that likes going to see good bands.

In the meantime, Flasher's self-titled debut via Sister Polygon Records (a label run by Mulitz and the peeps in Priests and also home to Downtown Boys and Pinkwash).

Or, if you're the type that likes to stream good records BEFORE you buy them I have exciting news for you that I was saving for the end:


(works best if you blast it)

RIYL: Priests, Young Trynas, Big Hush, Bless, Washington D.C., Good Music

*see name of track #1 please

Published June 14, 2016



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