((Fiveng)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Fiveng is Nicholas Ng who lives in San Francisco. This is wonderfully intoxicating bedroom pop using mostly synths and computers and stuff. There's definitely some of that beach-y glow going on here. You've been reading about and listening to beach-y glow stuff lately, right?

Fiveng's self-released songs would be the perfect accompaniment to epic, magical swimming sessions. Now, I'm not sure what a magical swimming session exactly is -- maybe a fairy and hobbit drift past you on a rubber raft -- but that's what these refreshingly optimistic orchestrations sound like to me.

This guy definitely has the right sound for right now... so hugeness might be just around his corner. I could imagine a tour that includes Fiveng, Memoryhouse, Toro y Moi, Reading Rainbow and... well, any band that kind of sounds like lo-fi Phil Spector meets a magical swimming session.

And once again, just to be totally clear, I have no idea what a magical swimming session even is. So yeah, there's that.
Published September 2, 2010



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