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Written by Patrick McNamara

NYC's Field Trip is a lo-fi post___ psych___band born in the mind of songwriter/singer Noah Davies. He used to record these songs alone at home but these days he's got a full band (Nico + Skylar + Jason + Phill) working to expand upon his cerebral musical visions. This is strange shit. And it's real good.

Since forming circa 2014 A.D. the band has played out a bunch with a bunch of good bands, including Muuy Biien, PILL, Dreamcrusher, Nicholas Nicholas (a perfect sound pairing), Sunflower Bean, Cloud Nothings and LVL UP. Go see all those bands. Now. Forever. Want a strong stage game? Surround yourself with goodness. And practice. And get 8 hours of sleep a night. And have talent. And cut out soda.

Field Trip released their debut album “The Sounds Inside Your Mind" in 2015 A.D. and it's strange (as per our earlier discussion) and solid and good. But it sounds more like the sounds inside Noah Davies mind, probably, than the sounds inside mine. That's definitely a good thing as nobody wants to hear an album that's just the Flintstone Vitamins theme song on endless loop...except for me, of course. “Ten million strong and growing!" That's a good song tho.

Now, because I'm so sweet I've fixed it up on my music blob so that you may enjoy streaming some solid Field Trip songs right NOW if you want to and I hope you do, man, because I'm going to and it would be cool if you joined me on this relaxing musical journey through space and time.

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Published May 3, 2016



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