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Fatal Jamz (formerly called Bowery Beasts - but I guess that was a different band with the same members - kind of an Oklahoma Thunder/Seattle SuperSonics situation) is the retro FM glam pop project of LA's gender unifying showman, Marion Belle. His earnest stoner band sounds like Axl Rose fronting Free Energy fronting The Darkness fronting Big Star. Boom. Nailed it. Maybe. Perhaps. I don't know. You try it.

Basically, Fatal Jamz is good theatrical power pop that fully commits to going for IT - and for going off the rails. I'm all for that. I'm all for commitment. And I'm all for weird. Weird is good. I'm also all for falsettos. And extended, distorted guitar solos. And wah-wah pedals. And spelling jamz with a 'z.' Because all that totally rulez. I'm also all for going to Mars. And I need a ride. Think Fatal Jamz has extra room for me in their groovy loveship that's about to leave in a few sentences? I bet they do. They're lovers. Not fighters.

Check out Fatal Jamz' record "Vol. 1" on cassette tape (that's right) at Burger Records - a label that has put out more bands than you, me, and everyone we know.

Published March 13, 2013



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