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London's Fanfarlo have a big, glossy folk-pop sound that will probably make them pretty popular over here. I hear a less world-inspired Beirut (in principle songwriter Simon Balthazar's vocals for sure, but also in all those damn mandolins, glockenspiels and horns) meets some of the go-for-the-gut emotive melodies of Snow Patrol (whom Fanfarlo has fittingly toured with). Oh fine, throw in a Sufjan reference too because of all the orchestration.

The band of six has a debut album that's been well-received over there in the UK, but it's not yet out over here in the U.S. of A (as of May 14, 2009). But since the album was produced by the same dude who did records for Interpol and The National, and it is full of songs that sound like radio ready "hits" to me, Fanfarlo's debut will be out soon enough here too. You can bet on that.

Did I mention this is one of those bands that plays a saw? What's up with the saw?
Published May 14, 2009



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