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Brooklyn's Eraas is a duo (live, there are four) featuring former Apse members, Robert Toher and Austin Stawiarz. This band sounds like a very specific feeling that resides somewhere near the pit of your gut and comes out sometimes when it wants to mess with your soul. I don't know how to describe this feeling because, well, you've got to feel it to know it. But you'll know it. Because you've felt it too. And what the hell, I'll try to describe it anyway - because I like to embrace failure.

Eraas makes dark, warm, spiritual, sinister and rewarding music that makes you feel like you're experiencing a strange dream where nuance reigns supreme and forgone expectations are flipped to create a certain kind of peaceful chaos. Maybe in this Eraas-induced dream the witches are good and the snowmen are bad and you have to get out of the forest to get home but can't because the sky is too hard to walk on with your boots made of fire. Or something. (Told you I was all for failure.)

Now, I'm never too big on saying a band creates "soundscapes" because I don't even really know what that means and neither does anyone who uses that word. But if soundscapes means music that's both haunting and compelling and decidedly fantastical, then Eraas is probably making soundscapes. So maybe we should've just stuck with that. Eraas makes soundscapes.

Let's end it there. There's nothing to feel here. But before you go, play this Eraas song below. Bet you feel it. You know? Yeah. You know.

Published December 5, 2012



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