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Ellery James Roberts

Ellery James Roberts was the singer/organist in Manchester, England England’s WU LYF. Remember them? They sure were enigmatic. Some people loved the strange, grand pop they made behind assorted aliases and concealed faces. And then, just as the “we don’t do press” features on the band were at the height of their powers, POOF. They were gone. Crushed by the expectations of a relatively small subset of enthusiastic people who wanted to care about the songs they made.

Oh well. Dust. In. The. Wind. Dudes. It’s only rock ‘n roll. From the earth we spring up to the earth we fall into. What Burns Never Returns (that’s a Don Caballero album - they weren’t enigmatic - they just ruled).

Roberts is recording under his own name now. And probably touring too. I don’t know. It’s all a little too enigmatic for me to understand. I should get in touch with one of his people. But I do know that this new song he just put out all by himself is really good. It’s triumphant. And depressing. And manages to soar under the desperate weight of a flawed world. I like to sing it in the shower while my conditioner is doing its silky coconut-y magic!!!

Anyway, I do hope this guy puts out more stuff before he moves on to his inevitable next thing. As long as that next thing doesn’t involve the use of masks. Or hoodies. Or shadows. Stay in the light, man. Stay. In. The. Light. But that probably won’t happen. Darkness is where he works best. The LYF in WU LYF did stand for Lucifer Youth Foundation, after all (their music went great with bubble baths!). To each his own. C’est la vie. Sic Transit Gloria. The paths of glory lead but to the grave.

The powers of be fucked up the world. But they WON’T fuck with Ellery James Roberts.

Says Ellery James Roberts.

Published June 26, 2013



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