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Eddy Current Suppression Ring

Now this is some good garage punk from Down Under. Eddy Current Suppression Ring (oh hell, just call them Eddy Current) is a band from Melbourne, Australia that rocks relentless rhythms tighter than Santa's waistline after trying to dress hipster. It's in-your-face rock sans the snot. You're probably not going to get spit on by the band, or jumped on, but you very well may be floored by their proficient punk musicianship. They're professionals.

Think The Stooges' bass attacks meets the pretty post-punk guitar parts of Wire meets the perfectly terse and quick tempos of the Hot Snakes/Obits/Night Marchers family meets Art Brut (if that band wasn't so worried about being funny).

Eddy Current comes at you with nothing but speedy songs. There aren't any station wagons parked in this garage, only hot rods (you know, the kind with flames dancing on the sides). Eddy Current's latest album Primary Colours is out on Goner Records (the onetime punk home to Jay Reatard and King Khan & BBQ Show).
Published April 23, 2009



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