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Written by Patrick McNamara

I’m a fan of Eagulls’s whole catalog but I especially love the songs “Dez Purrado” and “Peaceful E-Z Feline” and “Hotel Catiforn.....” oh never mind, guys. I don’t even know anymore. Let’s move on and talk about Eagulls and let’s “Take it 2 Da Limit.”

Eagulls are five dudes from Leeds. And they’re a bunch of punks - always loitering and littering and spitting and thinking they run that third largest UK city of 474, 632 peeps (thanks, Wikipedia!) JK on the LOL and other assorted acronyms tip. Eagulls most likely don’t do any of those bad things (because only monsters litter and don’t give a hoot and by the way only you can prevent forest fires).

This band makes post-punk* that’s all about those famous stabby post-punk* guitars. You know the stabby post-punk* guitars of which I type. But you can sing along to these post-punk* songs too because Eagulls are pretty melodic. Look, they’ll never be your go-to karaoke anthem or anything. But when you’re in a pinch and need a song to sing to yourself in the shower STAT - you can do worse. You could opt to sing “Tequila Sunrise.” That song gives me the howling fantods.

So let’s compare this band to other bands. Yes! Eagulls are like if Jawbreaker met The Futureheads. And Jawbreaker were like, “what’s up, The Futureheads?” and The Futureheads were like, “hey, how’s it going, Jawbreaker?” And then that was it. They didn’t stick around to chat at length or anything. The meeting was pleasant. But efficient.

This band has also played shows with lots of other bands. Yes! Like...Iceage + Milk Music + Fucked Up (Deranged Records label mates) + White Lung (Deranged Records label mates) + is there an echo in here? + well, I’m not going to sit here and tell you all the bands Eagulls have played shows with because that would be madness. I’d rather try to think up more Eagles cat song titles than do that.

But I will tell you that as of this writing (early autumn in The Year of Glad), Eagulls are slated (haha - “slated”) to play CMJ 2013 with these other good up-and-coming bands: Yuck + PUP + Absolutely Free + Joanna Gruesome. And they are bands worth clicking, bub.

In closing, Eagulls are a good band. I like them. And I have mixed feelings about Eagles. They’ll write something sublime like, “Take it Easy” and then they write songs like, “Witchy Woman” which is just one fiery fat cat turd. Oh well. Tricky times.

(*saying a band is post-punk is literally a meaningless music genre description - because punk didn’t stop in 1981 or 1991 or whatever purist year you wanna pick - punk is still happening - that being said, I still used the term ‘post-punk’ in this band profile - a fact I know I can still change in the editing room - but I won’t - and that’s just despicable - and I feel super, super terrible about it)

Published October 2, 2013



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