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Los Angeles' Dum Dum Girls ain't no dummies. They know that tinny, swirling lo-fi Phil Spector sound is so HOT right now. Ask Vivian Girls and Liechenstein and Best Coast and Blank Dogs and, well, my comparison calculator is getting tired.

Dum Dum Girls is one girl with two first names, Dee Dee (actually make that three, since her given first name is apparently Kristin). Dee Dee writes and sings and records all these songs herself, but live the Dum Dum Girls earn the plurality of their name as three other girls (Jules, Frankie Rose, Bambi) rock alongside Dee Dee.

Much of the time, DDG's tracks move leisurely; slowly spinning and layered melodies that creep along towards a slightly gothic vibe. At other times, the band picks up the pace and amps up the distortion and it sounds just like good old garage-rock.

But I particularly appreciate those aforementioned slow times, especially when the hazy harmonies come in, because at those times Dum Dum Girls sound just like those delicious downer drugs a friend of a friend keeps telling me are awesome. Dum Dum Girls are good. Drugs are bad. Don't do them.

Dum Dum Girls, 'Only In Dreams' Sampler by selftitledmag
Published March 12, 2010



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